About Us

SU Tas is an interdenominational Christian organisation that works with local churches and communities to make God’s Good News known to children, young people and their families and help people of all ages meet with God through the Bible and prayer.

SU Tas is affiliated with SU Australia, and SU International.

What We Do

We have worked in Tasmania for around fifty years through camps, missions, outdoor programs, resources and school chaplaincy services.

Our Goals Are…

  1. to introduce young Tasmanians to Jesus, the Bible and the church community through the Christian witness of both staff and volunteers
  2. to enable all school-aged Tasmanians to have appropriate and ongoing encounters with the Jesus of the Bible and His people
  3. to help young people and families to grow and nurture spiritually healthy lives; enabling them to  develop resilience, build  healthy relationships and be equipped to make positive life choices.



Donate to chaplaincy, or to a specific chaplain

Where it’s needed most

Your gift will help us to grow the work we do, bringing hope to a young generation of Tasmanians.


Give thanks that Kath at Snug Primary School is able to give support to young people facing difficult peer relationships. ow.ly/R0P630eIuyb ...

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