SU Tas is passionate about working with the local community and young people, and an important part of this is making sure that young people entrusted to our care are safe. SU Tas has a vast amount of experience and resources in the field of child safety and risk management; helping organisations, churches and individuals understand their legal and moral responsibilities in this area.

We partner with Childsafe, an organisation that exists to help those who work with children and vulnerable people, with the goal of improving their well-being and safety.

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Childsafe Australia Roadshow
Local Information Sessions

In response to the Royal Commission Enquiry into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, ChildSafe Limited is offering low cost information sessions for community leaders and volunteers in organisational safety.

9 April – Launceston
Launceston Conference Centre 1-3pm

10 April – Ulverstone
Ulverstone Sports & Leisure Centre (Upstairs Room) 7-9pm

11 April – Hobart
Hobart Town Hall 7-9pm

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To find out more about Childsafe, click here.

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