Prayer Breakfasts

Launceston Prayer Breakfasts for 2017

Saturdays 8:00 – 9:30 am (except December – 8:30 – 10 am)



Telephone No.

Feb 18 Phil and Helen Boughton …call for the address 6327 2437
March 18 David and Jennifer Meadows…call for the address  6344 8510
April 1 Patrick and Bronwyn Salter …call for the address 6344 3478
May 13 Guy and Kate Barnett…call for the address 6334 1220
June 10 Janine Targett & Tracey Cassin @ Family Church  0439 639 422
July 15 Basil and Rosemary Tkaczuk…call for the address  6331 1155
August 12 Geoff and Jenny Powell …call for the address 6327 3355
September 16 Note change of plans. Guy and Kate Barnett…
Thanks, Kate, for helping out. Call for the address
 6334 1220
October 14 Rob and Helen Van der Vlist…call for the address 6326 4021
November 11 Bernhard and Mavis Rehrmann…call for the address 6343 1341
December 9 David and Tania Strong …call for the address 6395 1350




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Give thanks for Peter at Prospect High School, Tasmania and that he is able to positively impact the school community and to be a caring presence or friend for those in need. Pray for ongoing wisdom in his role. ...

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