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Chaplaincy Week: 24-31 May 2020

Chaplaincy Week is an opportunity to celebrate the work of SU Tas chaplains, working in 83 schools across the state and making a positive difference in each of those communities.

School chaplains need the support of local churches and local communities to help students reach their full potential. Chaplaincy is stronger when School Chaplaincy Committees, churches, local communities and the school work together to support the chaplain. Chaplaincy Week is a great success because of your efforts, and those of chaplains and SU Tas staff. Below are some of the photos from Chaplaincy Week  and some ideas for how to celebrate the week this coming May.

Chaplaincy Week Art and Media Competition 2020

Click for this year’s poster and info

Get Involved

Chaplaincy Week has become an important part of the calendar in many schools, celebrating their chaplain with school assemblies, special morning teas, school barbecues and even talent quests and music concerts. The ideas are endless and you are encouraged to get creative and get involved.

Ideas to celebrate Chaplaincy Week

Can you do something to celebrate and support your local school during chaplaincy week?

We’d love you to respond in your own local way, so here are some ideas to get you thinking…

  • Encourage your chaplain(s). Write a letter or send a card.
  • Invite the chaplain to your online church service to share some stories.
  • Encourage contributions to the SU Chaplaincy Week Art Competition.
  • Give a donation to help pay for more chaplaincy at your local school – and don’t forget to let the school know – it will be a huge encouragement to them.
  • Talk to the chaplain or school principal about other ways you could serve the school – mentoring? breakfast club support?  What do they need?  (We know you could do this any time but let SU Chaplaincy Week be a catalyst to do what you have been thinking of doing.)

You can also download our Chaplaincy Pack here (2Mb).

Please let the office or your Regional Coordinator know what you are planning – and if SU can help you to make it happen we would be delighted to support you as you serve your local school.

PS. If these dates don’t work for you, please feel free to organise your event whenever you like!

Regional Coordinators:

South: Jenny Cowley and Kathy Schlenk
Stephanie Sebastian
North West: James Todd

Let’s support our schools and chaplains.