In today’s world, social media, anxiety, low self-esteem and peer pressure make many teens afraid to really open up and trust anyone. SU Tas has addressed this need by organising camps specifically for high schoolers to meet together in a safe and welcoming atmosphere where they can find fun, develop connections and have the freedom to share their thoughts and experiences. Meaningful discussions, games, activities and lasting friendships at these camps results in many coming away feeling connected to a supportive ‘family’ and inspired to encourage others to attend. The camps include a lot of time ‘hanging out’, playing games or music, and discussing life around the fire.

Grid Camp

Grid is a camp for years 7-10, held at the Orana Camp Site, Roches Beach. The camp is designed to help young people build teamwork, overocme challenges and explore God’s Word.

Where: Online
When: 4-7 July 2020
Cost: $30

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