2016 has been pretty amazing so far for SU Tasmania. We’ve been celebrating our fiftieth year since our incorporation as a registered entity here in Tassie, and the party’s not over yet, with our Future Makers Dinner coming up this weekend!

We’re so grateful to have been able to spend the last fifty-plus years partnering with the Church in Tasmania to see the gospel brought to children and families around our state.

As a part of launching into the next 50 years, we want to hold Scripture Union Month in October. It’s our hope that you or your church will take one Sunday in October to pray for SU Tasmania. We’ve prepared the slide below to provide some examples of things to pray for.


In addition, we would love the opportunity to come and speak with your congregation regarding how SU operates in Tasmania, as well as showcasing some of the resources available to help your church in your own ministry to the community. Please contact us if you would like to invite one of our staff members to speak at your church during October – or, of course, at any other time!

Scripture Union’s success in reaching Tasmanian children and families has been thanks to the blessing of God, and thanks to the extraordinary support of the local Church. We could not have achieved the fruitfulness of the past fifty years without the Church’s partnership in prayer, finance, and people willing to volunteer as missionaries to the Tasmanian community.

So please, pray for SU during October – and beyond – as we continue to bring the life changing message of God’s love to Tasmanian children, young people and families.