SU Tasmania ‘what’s what …’!

An explanation of SU Tas language and abbreviations that may appear from time to time in our communications:

BLOKES: self-development programs for boys (find out more here)
CHAPs: Choices, Hopes, Attitude, Perseverance program for boys
CHIC: Choices, Hope, Identity & Connections program for girls (find out more here)
NSCP: National School Chaplaincy Program (federal funding 2007-2011, 2015-1018)
NSCA: National School Chaplaincy Association (find out more here)
PEAC: Positivity, Encouragement, Attitudinal Changes Program (find out more here)
RC: Regional Coordinator (find out here about regional coordinators)
SCC: School Chaplaincy Committee. A number of chaplaincies in schools and colleges throughout the state are supported and managed by their local SCC.
SUA: Scripture Union Australia – the network of SU movements in Australia (find out more here)
SUI: Scripture Union International (find out more here).
SUPA: Scripture Union Primary Age club (find out more here)
TCC: Tasmanian Council of Churches (find out more here)