Schools Sunday

Schools Sunday – 18 February 2018

Schools play an important part in the life of our community, and a formative role in the lives of children. When our own schooling is finished, it is easy to forget this fact.

Sunday is a day where, as Christians, we remember the importance that God places on children, and we join Him in that interest by praying for local schools and their wider communities.

Schools Sunday will be held on 18 February 2018. The theme this year is Be wise! People are asked to plan a specific Sunday morning that focuses on schools. This is an excellent way to remind Christian students and school staff members that God is not confined to a Sunday service, but goes with them to school.

Of course, if you miss out on celebrating Schools Sunday in February, you can choose another day for your church. We have collated a number of resources, either to plan a complete Sunday service, or a segment such as a skit or sermon, if that will best suit your congregation and circumstances.

Schools Sunday Resources

A general information pack to help you with some ideas on running a Schools’ Sunday service in your congregation.

Schools Sunday PowerPoints

Schools Sunday Dramas

Schools Sunday is an initiative of the TCC resourced by SU Tas
Schools Sunday is an initiative of the TCC resourced by SU Tas.



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